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For the following questions, type your answers in one MS Word document Since this is in essence a take home exam, detailed information and citations in your answers are expected. They are due no later than Sunday, February 28th, 2021, at 11:59pm. Be sure to identify which question your answer addresses. Good luck!

1. In many of the readings assigned thus far in the course the factors shaping the growth of transnational crime and its relation to national security have been discussed. Identify at least four(4) of these factors and present how each contributes to i) the proliferation of transnational crime and ii) how it relates to national security. Which one(s) do you think is/are the strongest contributor? Give evidence and rationale to support your claim.

2. An important aspect to developing effective programs and policies in response to transnational crime problems involves the understanding of the nature of criminality. Using material provided within the course, present and discuss the evidence on whether those who engage in transnational crime are acting on unique opportunity structures or whether they are inherently deviant or destined to be criminals.  Explain why this would be important for the crafting of programs and policies. Give examples.

3. In part of the readings by Naim it is asserted that the creation of borders and laws actually have the reverse effect. That is, rather than curtailing transnational crime they actually serve to create and amplify illicit markets while creating new opportunities for organized crime groups. Explain what he means by this, provide some examples, and discuss the implications of this for the development of effective programs and policy.

4. Do some independent research online and identify a news story which exemplifies some instance of transnational crime. Then conduct some broader background research on that specific event to better understand the context within which it occurred. Develop 4 to 6 citations for referencing.

  1. Present an overview of the incident which you are reporting on;
  2. Present an explanation within the broader area context within which it occurred; and
  3. Discuss the incident and situation you have chosen in relation to at least three (3) theories or ideas that have been identified within this course.

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