Assignment | SOCW 6456 – Social Work Practice With Couples and Family Systems | Walden University

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Week10 6456 The DSM-5 and the Helping Professional

Please note that this is an MSW course. Please check Grammar and use some of the resources I have provided 


• Lebow, J. L. (2013). Editorial: DSM-V and family therapy. Family Process, 52(2), 155–160.

• Larner, G., Strong, T., & Busch, R. (2013). Family

therapy and the spectre of DSM‐5. Australian And New Zealand Journal Of Family Therapy, 34(2), 87-89.

• Strong, T., & Busch, R. (2013). DSM-5 and Evidence- Based Family Therapy?. Australian & New Zealand Journal Of Family Therapy, 34(2), 90-103.


Final Project

Please note that this is an MSW course. Please check Grammar and use some of the resources I have provided 

For your Final Project, you will write a 8- to 10-page theory paper that articulates your theoretical orientation toward working with couples and families.

Your paper must include the following elements that evolve from your personal theoretical orientation:

• The basic view of human nature as seen through your theoretical lens

• Key factors that account for changes in behavior

• An explanation of how intervention strategies are designed within this theoretical orientation

• An explanation of how your theory conceptualizes mental health

• Key factors that contribute to healthy family/couple relationships

• A description of the skills necessary within this theoretical orientation to meet the agreed upon goals and outcomes for couples and families

• The nature of the practitioner-client relationship and its relative importance

• An explanation of the evidence to support your theoretical orientation as an appropriate intervention for couples and families in need.

The Final Project will be evaluated according to all four indicators in the Final Project Rubric located in the Course Information area. Be sure that the Final Project is written using APA format.

Information on scholarly writing may be found in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.), and at the Walden Writing Center website. Also see the Walden University Policies and Information, in the Guidelines and Policies area on the navigation bar to the left.