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 Unit 7 Discussion Questions First Assignment 

After you have completed this unit, please post with 3-4 paragraphs and respond to at least two of your peers to the following topics in this discussion.

1. How do we network to help better our career?

2. How many people should you have in your network circle  and who specifically should be in it?

3. What websites are there to help you professionally and what makes Glassdoor.com different?

4. What do the degreed connections mean in LinkedIn? No Plagiarism 

Part two Assignment 

 Prepare a > 300-word essay RESEARCHING a job in your selected field of study. If you are a full-time student or planning on changing your current career, pick an industry/career in which you would want to work.  Please pick a career that you can get relevant information on. For example, don’t pick a career like an entrepreneur because it’s too vague. Use at least three different online job-boards to compare what companies are offering for salary,  medical benefits, financial benefits like a 401K, profit sharing, or a pension. If you are HAPPY IN YOUR CURRENT FIELD WITH YOUR CURRENT EMPLOYER then research what it would be like to work for a competitor in a nearby city/state.  No Plagiarism