Case | Management homework help

Choose one of the following case studies found in Chapter Seven of your text:

Case Study 7.1: Classic Case: de Havilland’s Falling Comet

Case Study 7.2: The Spanish Navy Pays Nearly $3 Billion for a Submarine That Will Sink Like a Stone

Case Study 7.3: Classic Case: Tacoma Narrows Suspension Bridge

Use the following format to write your case study analysis:

Provide a brief summary listing the key facts in the case.Identify key issues and identify one problem you wish to resolve in your analysis. The problem statement should be clear and concise. A problem statement is typically no more than one sentence in length.

List recommended solutions or strategies to resolve the problem. Be sure to include the who, what, why, when, where and how of each solution or strategy you propose.

Analyze each recommended solution or strategy by linking information from course materials and outside research sources. List the pros and cons of each solution. 

Choose the best solution or strategy and list an explanation why it is the best choice. The reasons for your choice should be clearly linked to your analysis. Be sure to use APA format to cite your sources. 

Write a conclusion to your analysis. Use the questions posed at the end of your case study written in your text to guide your conclusion.

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