Discussion 150 words in 2 hours

Remember this beauty of a website? If not, here’s the link. The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus Zapato Productions › treeoctopus     The attention to detail makes this argument so believable. Who wouldn’t want to save the Endangered Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus? Until you lean in closer. I wonder, as digital natives and immigrants, are we guilty of this type of deception as well?

Discussion Assignment:

Consider the last photo you posted or shared. Did you use Facetune to take away a few wrinkles? Apply a filter to set the mood? We are creating and altering digital age primary sources all the time.

Respond to these questions for this week’s discussion post:

  1. Why do we do this?
  2. What type of implications does is have for us?
  3. How can we change existing thought processes in order to sharpen our skills at discerning whether or not online content has been altered and what the purpose of those alterations might be?