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There are multiple steps and tasks necessary for this Unit 1 IP assignment, as follows:

  1. Review the information provided in Part 1 and Part 2 below.
  2. You must meet with your team to identify the IT disciplines (specializations) that they represent and begin to form your team and plan your project. Note that each member may be viewed as the expert for his or her discipline.
  3. You will need to research and analyze (on an individual basis) the requirements specified in the section “New Content for Week 1: Planning and System Requirements.” Develop your own individual paper defining the necessary requirements from your perspective. Submit your individual paper to the Unit 1 IP area. Further details can be found in Part 3 below.
  4. Collaborate with your multidisciplinary team to reach a consensus on the requirements for the Capstone project. Capture the agreed-upon set of requirements in the Capstone project template. The first draft must include “DRAFT” as part of the file name. Submit the first draft to the Group area so that all team members have access and the instructor may view the team’s progress. Refer to Part 2 below for further details. Note, the Capstone project will build and evolve over the upcoming weeks. The final Capstone project will be submitted as a Group Project in Unit 4.

Capstone Project – Informational

This part of the assignment is NOT FOR GRADING THIS WEEK. This part of the assignment is to contribute to the Capstone project and also to show the instructor that progress is being made on the Capstone project.

Use the template provided in the section below titled “Description of Capstone Project.” Submit your Capstone project-related work to the Group submission area. Include the word “DRAFT” in the document title. Your first draft will then be available to share with your team. The first draft will also be available for your instructor to view the team’s progress.

You will be developing a comprehensive Systems Implementation Plan as your Capstone project (Unit 4 Group Project) in this course. For the Capstone project, you and your team will be expected to demonstrate project management abilities, communication skills within a multidisciplinary team, problem analysis, and the application of information technology and related best practices toward the creation of a comprehensive and cohesive solution meeting organizational and user requirements. As IT projects typically involve people with diverse IT skill sets and backgrounds, this project should mirror that real-world environment.

This Capstone project involves numerous IT areas including hardware and software, application development, networking, and security. Your team may be comprised of members who represent one or more of these IT areas. You will create and submit individual documents that propose your individual analysis during the different phases of the project. You will also need to collaborate with your team on a weekly basis to develop an overall solution that the entire team deems appropriate given the identified requirements. Typical project management methodology and skills should be employed.

Description of Capstone Project

Use the company profile and scenario found here as the subject of your Systems Implementation Plan.

Capstone Project Activity: Unit 1

The first task for the team is to create the Systems Implementation Plan document shell that includes the sections listed below. As you progress through each project phase, you will add the necessary content to each section of the Capstone project document. Appropriate research and collaboration between team members should be conducted to support the multidisciplinary solution.

Download the template found here for this project. This will serve as the basis for the Capstone project for the course. Throughout the course, you and your team will develop and add content to this template. The team will add different information to this template each week. Like all projects, information will be gathered and added to the final deliverable on a weekly basis. The final deliverable will evolve throughout the course as the team works together on various elements. Submittal to the Group submission area resulting from the team effort will occur in Unit 4.

New Content for Week 3: System Design

For this week’s contribution to the overall Capstone project, collaborate and discuss with the team’s Security Specialist about the security and privacy of the software and hardware solution for Verbania. Provide best security practices and guidelines to implement and follow, as well as the creation of formal security policies and a security plan. Include the following policies in your IT security policy:

Disaster recovery

Password creation and protection

Remote access

Routers and switches security

Wireless communication

Server security

Acceptable encryption E­mail

Document the team’s security plan, security policy, and security solution.


New Content for Week 4: System Development

Verbania has requested some functionality for its new social networking application. The following is a sample of the required functionality:

  • Account setup and log-in functionality
  • Creating a profile
  • Adding or removing friends
  • Posting to a discussion area

Complete the following steps:

  • Step 1: Work with the team’s Software Development Specialist to develop these functionalities. Develop use case diagrams, sequence diagrams, and class diagrams, as appropriate.
  • Step 2: The mobile application side of this solution will require secure and encrypted connections. Please work with your Security and Network Specialists to develop an appropriate solution for wireless communication in the mobile application. Include the optimum levels of encryption and network connectivity.
  • Step 3: As a final element, incorporate a Business Design Document (BDD) and a System Design Document (SDD) into the Capstone project paper. Include the team-suggested solutions for hardware or software, networking, security, as well as the integrated applications design (diagrams and database schema).

Your group must submit the following content:

  • The diagrams and explanations for the application design
  • The mobile application encryption and network connectivity
  • The BDD and SDD

Within the template, prepare 8–10 pages of content addressing the team’s System Development. Insert the content into the template document under Section 4.

The entire Group Project document must be submitted to the Unit 4 Group Project submission area for review and grading.

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