Look at the attached document for both assignments.

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Review the attached article titled Beyond Profiling: The Institutional Sources of Racial Disparities in Policing.  

  • Summarize the arguments that the authors make about investigative stops in respect to contributing to racial disparity?  Do you agree with there argument that investigative stops should be considered institutionalized practice. 
  • Summarize what you learn from reviewing the Methods section of the article in respect how research on ‘investigative stops’ is conducted and how the authors conducted their research for this article? 
  • According to the authors, how does the ‘institutionalized’ practice of ‘investigative stops’ harm individuals and the community? 
  • What recommendations are provided?  

For a counterpoint, review the attached article titled Biased Based Policing Reports.

  • Provide a summary and reaction to what you learn.
  • After considering both of these articles, what are your conclusions?