Microsoft access discussion easy | Computer Science homework help


Let’s Pause and Reflect on your journey with the MICROSOFT ACCESS relational database management application.

Please identify at least one new feature/function discussed this week in the application and explain why you feel it may be useful to you and/or others.

You’re almost there!!! You should be able to see the ‘light at the end of tunnel’ with your journey through Microsoft Office…Are you planning for future use of these applications?
Please share how you plan to regularly and practically utilize the skills acquired in this class moving forward. How will you keep up your practice in using these applications?

ASSIGNMENT RUBRIC – Wrap Up Extra Credit: Participating in this week’s wrap up thread and satisfying all the criteria of the assignment rubric listed below is worth 0.50 points towards the overall course grade. Click on the Reply link below to make your post.


Identifies and explains a useful feature/function of the application covered in the current week


Shares substantive response to additional Wrap Up questions


Satisfies minimum word count requirement = 100 words


Total Points


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