President children’s book | Government homework help

It’s important that we take the time to learn about all our leaders. Many of our Presidents are often overlooked. This project is going to require you to research and write about a President. Everyone has been assigned a President at random. You are going to write a mini biography on your President with the following:

– The book needs to be a minimum of 14 pages (4 normal 8X10 sheet of paper folded in half) with each page consisting of a picture and at least 2 sentences, but no more than 4. – Books and can be created completely on the computer, but hand drawn pictures with color will earn more points. – Information should include: a brief history of where they came from, how long they served, any key points to their campaigns/administrations, etc.- Additionally, a minimum of 4 key events during their administration- Any foreign affairs or world interaction

As always, extra credit can be earned for exceptional creativity and execution.

Have fun with the concepts and the project!

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