Quantitative report writing 5 ip 2

 RESEARCH REPORT #2 (These data are all artificial in relation to Type A personalities.) See entire assignment in attached documents.

Assume that the subject population for whom data are reported are all Type A personalities. The hypotheses being tested were 1) whether there was a difference in DBP risk as a function of increasing age, 2) whether there was a difference in DBP as function of gender, 3) Whether Type A men and women show the same pattern of DPB across age groups. This brings in the possibility of a statistical interaction.

The data are below. I have included a graph of the Age by Gender means. I think it will give you a good visual indicator of what is going on in the interaction.

You don’t need to include a methods section, but should write up Results and Discussion sections addressing the hypotheses above. Your Results write up must contain APA statistical notation when discussing the test results you have been given. Be sure that you include a References section.

Again refer to the APA Sample Research Paper as a template for your write up.  400-600 words.