Self assessment reflection | Article writing homework help

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Assess yourself at this point in time. Tell us in writing how you can develop your potential to the fullest.


-Use the attached document as a tool to assess yourself and figure out areas in your life that need development (do not submit answers to the instructor but rather use it as a tool)

– Write an essay based on your self assessment on four areas of your life that need development. Tell me why you need development and what you plan to do to develop yourself.

-Your submissions must be in correct grammar, diction, proper use of capitalization and punctuation.

-This essay is a maximum of two pages, excluding the cover page. It should be from 350 to 500 words in length.

-Use Times Roman Numeral to number your pages

– Use  Arial or Times New Roman font size 12,pt

-Use Double space in your paragraphs.

– Follow APA format in citation and reference.

– Avoid Plagiarism.

 Your values, beliefs, and thoughts make you the person you are today.  Each of us has four areas of potential growth. We have (1) Emotional potential: how we feel and what we want, (2) Intellectual potential: how we think and learn, (3) Physical potential: how we maintain our body’s well-being, and (4)  Social potential: how we relate to other people.