Servers remote management | Computer Science homework help

While working on the homework assignment, the differences between servers and desktops will become more obvious. What tools and technology would you use to remotely manage servers? These may be the same as those used with desktops or completely different. Discuss with the other students how you would manage one remote server, 10 remote servers, and 1,000 remote servers. Make sure to think about out-of-band management along with management through remote protocols such as remote desktop and ssh.

Aligned Objectives

  • Understand the core elements of an IT infrastructure, servers, network devices, and wired and wireless network links
  • Understand through practical examples, how protocols are used to enable communication between computing devices
  • Understand the differences between workstation and server hardware
  • Manage servers both remotely and locally

Response Parameters

  • Each initial post should be 250 to 350 words. Respond to at least one peer’s post by providing potential solutions to their concern