Small giants | Management homework help

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 1000 words. 

Pick on company from the Forbes “Small Giants” list.  These are small companies that have become large in their market segment.  The link is below:

Analyze the company (looking for additional sources, etc.) to explain why the company has been successful and identify what it needs to do to continue to be successful in the next 5 years.

You should use class content to complete this assignment.  In addition, the situation you are being placed in is that of a business analyst for mid-sized regional bank. Assume that the bank has been given the opportunity to become involved with a line of credit for the bank (a $1 million dollar commitment for the bank).  You have been asked to prepare a 1,000 word or less brief that does the following:

1. Explains how it has succeed so far.

2. What it needs to do to continue its success.

3. Determine whether they are a good credit risk or not.

This will be read from the perspective of a bank vice president (in this case Dr. Bommer). The bank VP will be presenting to the lending committee whether the bank should make the commitment or not.  If you give the bank VP material that is not useful, he will let you know in no uncertain terms.  Remember, a bank VP will look like a fool if he/she goes to a lending committee with a poorly researched. case.