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· The term paper will provide students an opportunity to evaluate and apply their understanding of electronic health record technology and implementation. 

· Students must follow the format outlined in the template.  Papers that DO NOT follow the template format will be rejected and the student will receive a zero (0) grade.  I recommend that you use the provided template, replace the template content with your content, retaining the section headers, formatting, spacing, font sizes, etc. 

· Students will be graded on how well they followed instructions, template formatting, content, grammar, creativity, insightfulness, and excellence.   The template is attached to this syllabus following the course schedule.

· Students who do not follow the template outline will suffer the loss of points.


Write a three (3) page paper on the application and challenges involved with implementing an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system for a private family medicine practice. The term paper must address the following areas.

·1. What are the most important functionalities of the EHR that needs to be implemented at the practice?

·2.  Is it possible for any existing Practice Management Systems to be integrated with the EHR?

3. Identify any two critical challenges in implementing the EHR.

4. Identify any four critical advantages the EHR would provide to the practice.

5. How would you manage the project planning and implementation of this EHR?

6. Explain the technology security considerations and how HIPAA governs their implementation.

7. Make a recommendation on the type of EHR system this practice should adopt and support your decision using data.

–The following good practices can help in securing a higher grade for this assignment:

· Using references/citations appropriate to the content of the answer

o  Citations and references are in the IEEE scientific style.

· Providing examples that will support your answers or claims

in your own words. If you are using any sentences or phrases used in the resource quote them using quotations (“…“) with an appropriate in text citation (example: [1]). Please make sure that you list all the resources that you have used in the reference list.

Additional Requirements:

· Paper is to be 3 full pages in total length (can be longer), to include a references section

· At least 5 references with at least 3 from scientific articles.

· References are listed in the order they appear in your text, e.g, the 1st reference will be denoted as [1] and the second as [2], etc. You do not sequence your references section based on the author’s name but rather the sequence the source appears in the paper.

· Proper citation is necessary. Using ideas from others without proper citation is plagiarism.

· You must use the provided template and adhere to all formatting detailed within the template.


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