Tesla case study | Marketing homework help

Answer the 6 questions below, need citation or page number where you find the answer if needed, no outside source

1.  Is there an advantage to being a first mover?  What drawbacks are there to pursuing first-mover advantage?  Is Tesla pursuing a first-mover advantage with their product launches and should they?

2.  Which product, or products, should Tesla focus on? What justifies your recommendation?

3.  Is the tight association of Elon Musk to Tesla beneficial or problematic?  Under what conditions might you change your assessment? 

4.  Is Tesla a technology or automobile firm and does the distinction matter?

5.  The Tesla Semi is geared toward a very different audience than the rest of Tesla’s lineup.  How should Tesla’s marketing strategy differ for the Semi?

6.  Does Tesla have a competitive advantage? Does Tesla have any core competencies?