U1s2-24 – job description – prepartion for project..see details

Study 2 – Project Preparation

For this project, you will develop a complete job description and evaluation for a new position in a nonprofit

public service organization. It would be best to choose an organization that you are already familiar

with. The new position will be based on a new service the organization could hypothetically offer to the


The first component assignment is New Service and Competency Inventory. To prepare for this

assignment, it is recommended that you:

• Choose a non-profit public service organization.

• Find the organization’s mission and/or vision statements.

• Make notes describing the services the organization currently offers to the public.

• Brainstorm ideas for a new service the organization could offer that would be aligned with its mission.

• Choose one idea for a new service, then:

◦ Make notes describing the tasks that would be required to provide the service.

◦ Make notes describing the competencies (the knowledge, skills, and abilities) that the staff

would need to fulfill the required tasks.

◦ Identify whether you anticipate identifying present staff who have (or can acquire) these

competencies or if providing the new service would require you to recruit new staff with these


Read the New Service and Competency Inventory assignment and work ahead as much as possible.

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