Unit 5 toxicology | Chemistry homework help


Unit V Article Critique 


In the CSU Online Library, locate a research article that  discusses an   industrial or environmental toxicant that causes nephrotoxicity.  The article that you review should be at least two pages in length and no more  than five years old. The Academic OneFile database in the CSU Online Library is  a great place to begin your research. Review the article and briefly summarize the purpose for the study. The discussion should include the  following: 

  1.  Include a summary of the purpose of the research and the research findings. 
  2. Discuss how the findings of at least two other articles support or  contradict the findings of the main article. 
  3. Discuss how this information might be useful in the field of safety.      

Your critique should be at least three pages in length,  not including title and reference pages. The article critique should include a  minimum of three   sources, including the article you review as well as the  textbook. Use APA   format for your critique, including all references and in-text citations.

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