Wk 4 discussion – setting up a wireless access point


As a computer and networking consultant to small businesses, you are frequently asked to find solutions to increasing demands for network and Internet access at a business. One business rents offices in a historical building that has strict rules for wiring. They have come to you asking for a solution for providing Wi-Fi access to their guests in the lobby of the building.

Research options for a solution and share your findings with the class in a minimum of 175 words. Discuss the following questions in your response:

  • Print or save webpages showing two options for a Wi-Fi wireless access point that can mount on the wall or ceiling. For one option, select a device that can receive its power by PoE from the network cable run to the device. For the other option, select a device that requires an electrical cable to the device as well as a network cable.
  • Print or save two webpages for a splitter that can be mounted near the second wireless access point and that splits the power from data on the network cable. Make sure the power connectors for the splitter andthe access point can work together.
  • To provide PoE from the electrical closet on the network cable to the wireless access point, print or save the webpage for an injector that injects power into a network cable. Make sure the voltage and wattage output for the injector are compatible with the needs of both wireless access points.
  • You estimate that the distance for network cabling from the switch to the wireless access point is about 200 feet (61 meters). What is the cost of 200 feet of PVC CAT-6a cabling? For 200 feet of plenum CAT-6a cabling?
  • Of the options you researched, which do you recommend? Using this option, what is the total cost of the Wi-Fi hotspot?