Working in teams and team discussion activity

Task 1) 

Share your most memorable experience working in a group. Explain why it was so memorable. If it was a bad experience, identify at least two (2) ways it could have been improved. If it was a successful experience, identify at least two (2) reasons for the success. What did you learn from your experience that you would advise your peers to do or avoid in future group work?

Task 2)

 Complete the Team Roles and Learning Styles assessments and share your results in your group discussion board. Discuss your results with your team members, and share details about yourself as a team member with your peers. Some things you might want to share include the following:

  • Your schedule availability
  • Your general strengths as a team member (are you an organizer, a note taker, an editor, etc.?)
  • Some weaknesses as a team member (Are you a procrastinator? Do you have trouble communicating in a group? Are you a impatient with others?)
  • What you think about your Team Roles and Index of Learning Styles assessment results.